Finding Your Next Book

Obviously the best way to find the next book you will read is to follow my Book Reviews and Weekly Reading Series, but what if you want to explore other options? I can only post so many recommendations after all. Below are some recommendations, in no particular order, to find new interesting books to read.

1.– Asking those around you: Now, this one might bring you really different results depending on the people you frequent or get to meet, but a really fun way to discover new books is, every time you meet someone you admire, ask them which are his favorite books, the ones that have make the most impact on their lives.

2.– Successful People's Reading Lists: Plenty of successful people publish lists of the most important books they have come across, from Bill Gates to Ray Dalio. This can be really good start if your social circle does not provide you with good recommendations.

3.– Goodreads: I have had plenty of success with this one, you can think of it like a Facebook for books. You can write reviews, mark books as 'read' or 'to-read'. It has its own algorithm to recommend you books depending on the ones on your list. You can also sort through lists defined by genre, author, year of publication... where users vote for their favorite book. Additionally you can request recommendations from other users.

4.– r/suggestmeabook: Another one of my favorite ways to find new books, simply create a new post with a small description of what you are looking for or whatever books you have enjoyed in the past, and watch as reddit users come with plenty of relevant recommendations. While the subreddit is focused around books you can also use it to find short stories.

You could also check out my book recommendations post for more books. In case you haven't heard, I am running a giveaway, you can find the full details here. Coil subscribers can find my Goodreads account below as well as some extra content.

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